Diamond Brazil


With over 15 years of experience in shootings for the main magazines of the genre, model and business woman Viviane Bordin created the website Diamond Brazil - - to be a new concept in sensuality. Over its development, the portal seeks to reposition sensuality with a broadly distinct view of what there is today.

Playboy Brazil representative in Latin America for two years and one of the most requested models for sexy shootings, Viviane Bordin invests in a differentiated work in Diamond Brazil.

“The art of naked work became confused with vulgarity in many cases and Diamond Brazil was created to precisely change this concept. Our shootings are made so that female sensuality is admired as true art, as it should be, and so that the imagination of our subscribers is enhanced without vulgarity,” explained Viviane Bordin.

Besides becoming a a reference as a website of sensual shootings respected and admired, Diamond Brazil is also targeting the European and the United States markets. “We will constantly and professionally seek foe news and increasingly improve the website’s quality to satisfy our Brazilian subscribers and, in the future, our foreign ones,” declared the model and business woman. .

Viviane Bordin

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